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When a thousand words are worth the universe

Wedding Storybooks: Your story in words

You’ve seen your parents’ wedding album. Perhaps also watched their wedding video. But do you know how your parents met? Where? What happened? Who said what? What were their early years like? You know…

In most cases, the answer is “No.”

If you can, do stop reading and ask them about it today. They might be able to recall some of the details. Some. Not all.

Now turn to your story. Decades after D-Day, what will you remember of your story? How you met? The proposal? The good times and the bad times? The stuff that made you stronger?

Here’s a fact of life – memories fade. And the details are discarded in the bin of time. The biggest tragedy is when your children know little to nothing of their family history – the story of how their family started all those years ago.

That’s why

You see, memory is a thief of time. We tend to forget the details, and then very gradually, we forget the whole story.

That’s why we have the Aether Wedding Storybook – your story in words. This is an Aether exclusive offering that enables you to document your love story not just in visuals but also in precious words.

Priceless Family Heirlooms

The story of your lives – how you met, your growing up years, the heady, carefree dating days, and the little details of your wedding, how you felt the morning of your wedding day, the nuances of the day – simply cannot be captured in any photograph or video.

Our Wedding Storybooks, bound in leather, are compelling narratives for you and your children to relive your love story years later. A treasure for you in your golden years and an heirloom your children will cherish.

The making of a Storybook

Work on the book begins well before the wedding when we interview you and the key players that make up your story. On the day of the wedding, we will be with you through the events, diary and camera in hand, noting down the details – grand and small, the conversations that make up the narrative of your day.

From this, we structure the narrative arc of your love story, piecing together the events using compelling creative nonfiction techniques, the same tools that power the best magazines. Here’s where years of experience in journalism and documentary filmmaking come into play.

We then design the approved text into a bound book, along with pictures from your archives and your wedding day – your Love Story, your first family heirloom.

Why Aether?

I bring to Aether, years of experience in print journalism, documentary filmmaking, and documenting weddings for discerning couples. I launched my career in stories in 2000 in a print newspaper where I contributed feature articles. Since then, I’ve flirted with words while dabbling in visuals.

Like many, I know what it’s like to lose stories to time. That’s why I launched a whole writing service to help others record their stories in books.

I understand how to draw out the real story through interviews, making you comfortable right through the process.

I launched Aether Storytelling in 2005 in the visual media with wedding photography and then wedding films. After visually documenting the wedding day of hundreds of couples, today we bring these years of experience into our wedding storybooks.

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