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REAL LIFE IS UN-SCRIPTED. Our Wedding Films reflect that

Our Approach to wedding filming

Your wedding film and images should remain meaningful to the generations that follow, not just until the honeymoon! We craft our films so you can re-live the moments and emotions at your wedding in the years to come. That’s why we are religious about a hands-off approach to wedding photography and filmmaking.

Poses do not make memories. They’re soon forgotten. Perhaps soon as the honeymoon images are in! The images our couples truly cherish are the ones where they were truly “in the moment” with family, friends or even alone in their thoughts.

We will not interfere with proceedings to “set up a shot” through the day. Instead, we let moments and events unfold naturally before us.


Brand Aether

Not only are we religious about the documentary approach to wedding films and photography, this philosophy seeps through our very brand.

What does Aether mean?

No, it’s not someone’s name, though we’ve had people call and ask, “Can I speak to Aether?” There’s two meanings to the word, both of which drive our philosophy.

Aether is the primodial god of light – one of the first gods of the ancient Greeks. Aether comes from chaos. What we endeavour to do is create things of beauty out of chaos using the power of light – mostly light as we see it, without intervention.

Aether (or ether) is also the medium through which light travels in space. You see, for light to travel in space, it would need a medium. Waves cannot travel in a vaccum. And so also, we at Aether are only the medium for your films and photographs. We do not make your memories by posing you or directing you. You make your own memories. All we do is become the medium to record those memories for you.

Hands-off in our colours too

You’ve probably not realised it, we have adopted Toupe as the Aether colour. Toupe is a classic, timeless and most importantly a neutral colour. At Aether, it’s not about us. It’s about you, your guests and the moments you share. All we endeavour to do is to help you record the moments to cherish for generations.

So you see, we really mean business when we say it’s all about you.

A word about Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography – something bandied by almost every other wedding photography studio really means you and your guests at the wedding are truly camera un-aware. The wedding photographer claiming to do candid wedding photography does not interfere in the events unfolding before him/her. The word “candid” itself has this definition:

CANDID: Truthful and straightforward; frank; (of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject’s knowledge.

Candid =


So candid wedding photography is unposed and uncontrived. It does not involve having your photographer dictate poses on the day, asking you to “do things” for him/her in order to make “beautiful” images.

Poses can quickly go out of style as seasons and fashions change. So, beware the wedding photographer, claiming to be a candid wedding photographer, who’s portfolio is mainly full of images where the people are doing things / striking poses for the photographer.

With real candid wedding photography, what you get are heirlooms that remain meaningful for years and generations to come.

We are passionate about our work. And we consider this an honour and privilege not to be taken lightly.

Let’s tell your Story – Your Way!

What our couples have to say

Well, that’s our approach. Our couples value the hands-off fly-on-wall style of wedding photography. Here’s what some of our couples had to say.

You guys are just plain genius!!!!! I cannot even explain how much I love it!! It’s just perfect. You just explained and captured everything about us so perfectly 🙂 Love it Love it Love it. Thank you so so so so much.
Natasha & David
Jan 2016
Just wanted to let you know that even after a year, my wedding film still brings tears to my eyes! Thanks once again for making it so beautiful!
Jamila & Hozefa
October 2011
Orlando and I would like to thank u for ur Ah-mazing service today! Your professionalism in putting even the most nervous of brides at ease is simply outstanding. Thank you for making our wedding even more special with ur undisturbing, relaxed way of filming where in we didn’t even realise we were being filmed or shot, u being omnipresent, with the result being such beautiful photos. Thanks a billion!
Silvia & Orlando
December 2016
From the moment we met you two in the studio, the warmth has been nothing but enduring. On the day I remember Jude having a bigger smile than Mel which made Mel compete hahah and Gasper was just the silent crook in the corner capturing the zest moments. These aspects made us fall in love with you two:)
Akshata & Mel
Feb 2015
We got the album yesterday and it looks great! Even better in person than the soft copy we had seen! Thanks to you both for the amazing photos again. It’s been amazing re-living the wedding through the photos, as I am sure we will continue to do hundreds of times in the future.
Jen & Girish
April 2016
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