Wedding FAQs

What is your style of wedding photography?

We follow a non-intrusive style of wedding photography better known as the photojournalistic or documentary style. What this means is our couples go on and live the moments – have fun in the company of their loved ones! We do not direct you during the wedding. Instead we keep a low profile observing and documenting what unfolds before us. To better understand our style, read our blog post on what is wedding photojournalism.
So, do not expect a “smile, look this way” directive from us! It also means no posing for us or doing things purely for the camera. It’s your wedding and we want you to have fun, while we do our job of documenting the emotions, naturally and un-obtrusively. Camera unaware subjects is our goal. Our biggest compliment comes when a bride tells us she didn’t even notice us at the wedding!

What about posed shots?

Documentary Wedding photography involves minimal “posed shots”. For instance we do formal group photo sessions that are pre-planned. We also do a documentary-styled portrait session with you – the couple at pre-planned locations such as a monument, a beach, riverside, hill-top, lighthouse, the city streets etc. Here, we encourage you to just be yourselves, so no contrived images. If you are looking specifically for stylised portraits, we are probably not suited to you.

Will you photograph the receiving line?

We capture the essence of your wedding. This means we shoot what’s necessary to tell the story of the day. Unless its a very intimate wedding (under 40 guests), it is not possible to shoot every guest at your wedding. So, we will not shoot all guests in a receiving line or table shots as these take up valuable time away from more creative work. We could suggest creative alternatives to the receiving line / table shots.

Will we see every guest at our wedding in the photos / film?

Our style is to capture the essence of your wedding and the moments as they present themselves. We approach a wedding as photojournalists covering an event, capturing the moments. Unless you are having a very intimate wedding (under 40 guests), we cannot document each guest at your wedding. We could suggest creative alternatives if you’d like a photo of every guest.

I am camera shy and uncomfortable with photography. How can you help?

From the time you first approach us, we seek to have personal interactions with you – over Skype or in-person. We use this opportunity to get to know each other and also to understand your wedding. On the day we are completely “hands-off”. We do not direct you in any way. In fact, many couples tell us, after the wedding, they really didn’t notice our presence. That for us, is the biggest compliment! This makes for a more relaxed wedding day!

What does your coverage include?

We are a full service studio. Which means once you book us, you do not have to look elsewhere for your wedding visuals. Our packages include still photography, wedding films, exclusive albums, plenty of time and digital negatives. Just talk to us and we can work out something based on your requirements.

Do you offer prints?

Yes! We are paranoid. Should a magnetic meteorite strike, all digital files will be wiped out! The only memories to remain will be prints. Seriously. Think about it 🙁 We offer exclusive albums designed by us. Come see and feel our range of leather, faux leather and linen albums and you’ll understand why we and couples worldwide love them. We also offer large format archival prints on fine art paper, acrylic and canvass for your your homes.

What is documentary wedding photography?

Documentary Wedding photography follows the time-honoured traditions of documentary photographers. True documentary photography requires the photographer to never interfere in the scene unfolding before him or his subjects. It is also called “photojournalism” and “candid”. In a wedding situation, a documentary wedding photographer will seek to take images as they happen, without becoming a “director” of proceedings. In fact our style is to integrate into your wedding, becoming one with your guests. Beware of photographers claiming to be “candid”. Judge for yourself from their portfolio. Many photographers, claiming to be candid photographers actually get the majority of their images by directing you. There’s nothing you would be able to do on your wedding day. So ask to see a full wedding portfolio.

Are there other styles of wedding photography?

Yes! Besides the documentary approach, there’s the stylised glamour approach. Here the photographer will direct you at every stage so that every shot is posed to enhance beauty and composition. It is the photographer’s vision of your day. It is important for you to understand the difference between each of these and then decide what you’d like. Too often, what is advertised as a documentary or candid style is actually a photographer directing behind the camera. If you are looking for the documentary approach, one way to make sure is to ask your wedding photographer if he/she has any work in real-life documentary projects, besides weddings.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email. Or better yet, let’s schedule a skype or in-person chat.