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Storytelling Images vs Snapshots in Candid Wedding Photography

Candid. Documentary. Photojournalist. Reportage. Natural. The list of terms used by wedding photographers is endless these days. All of these terms describe a style of photography. But what exactly do they mean?

The terms refer to a genre of photography that imply images shot with the subjects either camera unaware or if they are aware, not acknowledging the presence of the photographer, not “performing” for the photographer. read more…

Backstory – 05

Documentary wedding photographers in India - Flowergirl peeking at the bride getting ready

Documenting the bride getting ready is so much more than just the bride “getting ready”. Love the symbolism and humanity evident all through the day

EOS to X-Trans – a Documentary Photographer’s Journey

I first took up a camera in 2003. A little too late I feel. Until then, my creative release came through writing. But that first camera – a Canon 350D changed everything. From words, I became a visual storyteller.

Small and lightweight it came with me on some exciting adventures. Most notably a year-long documentary project following the fishermen of Goa on the west coast of India – Call of the Seas.

read more…

Backstory – 04



Cash has always been an integral part of weddings in India. In a variety of cultures across the nation, the use of notes for garlands on the groom and his escort or in little rituals on the mandap is a common sight.

Why a Wedding Photojournalist values Moments

Moments are fleeting. In a situation as fast-paced as a wedding, moments come and go before anyone has had a chance to catch a glimpse of it. All too often, for the bride and groom, the day whizzes by with them not really knowing what transpired. A Wedding Photojournalist considers it his/her primary duty to capture those moments for the bride and groom and their family. read more…

Backstory – 03


Very often, the most meaningful image during the climax of a wedding comes, not from Center stage. The father of the bride struggles to control his emotions as he watches his daughter during the pheras. Any father could empathise with him as he “gives away his little girl”, someone he’s first held in his arms years ago in a hospital room, played with, taken walks in the park with, watched over when she burnt with fever. Yes! Mixed feelings being the father of the bride.

Backstory – 02

documentary wedding photographers India, Goa - Bride getting ready

Photographing the bride getting ready is not about pretty make-up shots. At least not for our discerning couples. Surprise visit for bride from her best friend as she gets ready on morning of her wedding day.

Backstory – 01

Documentary wedding photography - Groomsmen await arrival of bride

“Pretty men all in a row” – How’s this for a natural portrait of the groomsmen? Shot at the Leela Resort in Goa, I’m sharing this image as an example how Real moments make Real memories. What’s the idea behind posing people when a wedding is peppered with opportunities like this for group and individual portraits.

Backstory – 00


Bride and Groom exit ceremony on a water scooter (at least that’s what was attempted until a wave came along)! Who needs poses when life offers moments? Memories for a Lifetime.

What is Wedding Photojournalism?

In your search for a wedding photographer, you’ve probably come across many terms. One common term bandied around these days by wedding photographers is “candid wedding photography” and “wedding photojournalistic style” or “wedding photojournalism”. read more…

Our Commitment to Moment-driven Wedding Photography

I have been in the field of photojournalism for some time now. I started with a local newspaper in 2000. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to do photo-documentary projects and also documentary film projects. In 2005 I shot my first wedding as a wedding photojournalist and Aether was born! I loved the experience of moment-driven wedding photography and never stopped shooting for couples at their weddings. read more…