Our Commitment to Moment-driven Wedding Photography

I have been in the field of photojournalism for some time now. I started with a local newspaper in 2000. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to do photo-documentary projects and also documentary film projects. In 2005 I shot my first wedding as a wedding photojournalist and Aether was born! I loved the experience of moment-driven wedding photography and never stopped shooting for couples at their weddings.

moment driven wedding photographyOver the years a great team of individuals has built up here at Aether. Today, celebrating a decade documenting the moments at the wedding day of brides and grooms, we’ve re-branded the Aether website. At a time when wedding photojournalism is bandied about – a fad – by photographers who are anything but wedding photojournalists, we are re-iterating our focus on “moment-driven photography” that is wedding photojournalism.

Its true, a very few couples appreciate wedding photojournalism. Its more common to opt for more posed aka glamourous wedding images. Through this blog we will document our experiences and lay out our thought processes behind some images. Out here, will be posts that hopefully will give you a better idea about our work from a behind-the-scenes point of view. In the process we hope to put information out on our site that will be useful to couples in the process of making decisions on their wedding photography.

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