Documentary Wedding Photography Portfolio

At Aether Visual Storytelling, through our documentary wedding photography we seek to reveal the story behind the story as it unfolds. We believe people in real life are most interesting. Hence, letting a moment unfold naturally will reveal the heart of a person. That’s what documentary wedding photography, also known as photojournalism, aims to capture.

Since 2005 we have been creating images for couples at their wedding. The couple and their guests take center-stage and not the wedding photographers! We’re there to capture that reality, not create one of our own. This results in photographs that our discerning couples and their families can truly cherish for generations – images that make them laugh and cry and re-experience their wedding day as it really unfolded.

Documenting the real moments and emotions over the course of the day through documentary wedding photography, makes for a relaxed, no-fuss wedding photography experience that captures the real YOU. This ensures you actually experience your Wedding Day and re-live those moments through timeless photographs. Also great for couples who may be a bit “camera shy”!

Below is a brief sampling of our style of no-fuss, honest, truthful documentary wedding photography. Besides these, we invite you to take a look at some of our Wedding Stories . Finally, if you like our style of telling real, honest stories, let us talk about Your Wedding and how we can help you experience your own wedding through our style of documentary wedding photography.