Documentary Wedding Photography Packages

“What are you looking for in your wedding photography packages?” Over the past 10 years we’ve asked hundreds of couples this question. And we’ve been listening.

The core of our documentary wedding photography philosophy involves creating pure, emotive, honest and truthful wedding photographs and films that capture the essence of who you are as people and the moments shared in the company of loved ones.

Your wedding day is for you to enjoy. The way you’d like to. Your wedding photography should document that. The real stuff. We do not believe wedding photography should dictate your wedding day. And so we do not direct moments. Instead, we let them unfold before us, integrating ourselves with your guests. Once a photographer steps in to direct or control the event, it is no longer your vision of your wedding. It’s the photographers idea of what your wedding should be!

The documentary approach to Wedding Photography captures moments that are true in images that are timeless. Its what makes Henri Cartier Bresson’s images relevant to this day.

What does this mean for you? Images that truly capture the spirit and emotion of your wedding. Real moments, not contrived. Images that stay fresh across generations.

Wedding documentary photography for us is more than just about the fee we charge. Business alone does not drive us. Our passion for good storytelling does. Couples who truly love our relaxed unobtrusive style of photographing weddings drive us to this field of photography.

We understand planning your wedding is quite stressful – getting on board the people you want, balancing budgets timelines etc. That’s why, taking our philosophy of being the least of your worries on the wedding day even further, we’d like to be as little stress even during your wedding planning stage.

And so, we have eliminated wedding photography packages altogether. There’s no traditional “quote” to be requested here. Because there are no prices that we set. It’s you who set the price based on your wedding budget. You may find our business philosophy somewhat off the grain.

Our Documentary Wedding Photography packages involve coverage with no time restrictions because we believe we are there to tell your story – the full story and not have to keep track of our watches while we are at it. We offer still photography and documentary short films. We also offer exclusive albums and journalistic photo-books.

If you are looking for a documentary wedding photographer to create images at your wedding that speak from the heart, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Documentary Wedding Photography Packages - Groomsmen pre-wedding
You guys are just plain genius!!!!! I cannot even explain how much I love it!! It’s just perfect. You just explained and captured everything about us so perfectly 🙂 Love it Love it Love it. Thank you so so so so much. Natasha & David

Jan 2016

Documentary Wedding Photography Packages - Groom and Grandmother pre-ceremony

Orlando and I would like to thank u for ur Ah-mazing service today! Your professionalism in putting even the most nervous of brides at ease is simply outstanding. Thank you for making our wedding even more special with ur undisturbing, relaxed way of filming where in we didn’t even realise we were being filmed or shot, u being omnipresent, with the result being such beautiful photos. Thank you a billion!

Silvia & Orlando

December 2016

Just wanted to let you know that even after a year, my wedding film still brings tears to my eyes! Thanks once again for making it so beautiful! Jamila & Hozefa

October 2011

Documentary Wedding Photography Packages - Emotions of bride and groom at wedding reception
From the moment we met you two in the studio, the warmth has been nothing but enduring. On the day I remember Jude having a bigger smile than Mel which made Mel compete hahah and Gasper was just the silent crook in the corner capturing the zest moments. These aspects made us fall in love with you two:) Akshata & Mel

Feb 2015

We got the album yesterday and it looks great! Even better in person than the soft copy we had seen! Thanks to you both for the amazing photos again. It’s been amazing re-living the wedding through the photos, as I am sure we will continue to do hundreds of times in the future. Jen & Girish

April 2016

Documentary Wedding Photography Packages - Flowergirl peeks at bride getting ready