Choosing your Wedding Photographer

So, you are now planning your wedding and its time to choose your wedding photographer. Its no easy task and its also not one you can take lightly. Its the only thing at your wedding that will remain with you for life and generations beyond. Yes! A lot of pressure there!

Wedding Photographer Styles

There are a lot of styles of wedding photography. Its important for you to understand what style and philosophy your wedding photographer adheres to. His/her portfolio should tell you that. If you are still unsure, ask. Its important for you to know, so as to avoid regrets on the day or thereafter. You choose a wedding photographer based on your own personal style as as couple.

The Artistic / Stylised Wedding Photographer

There are essentially two styles or schools of thought. Some wedding photographers love to pose their subjects for most of their frames. These are artistic wedding photographers. They would like to direct you through the day to bring to life their vision of you and your wedding. If you love being posed, this style of wedding photographer could be for you. But remember this style may not capture what truly happens on the day. And remember, posing people is not candid wedding photography.

The Documentary Wedding Photographer

On the other hand, the documentary style wedding photographer, also known as the wedding photojournalist will not interfere at all through the day. He/she lets moments and events unfold naturally before him/her, quietly capturing them without your even knowing it. This is our philosophy as wedding photographers.


We believe, in the years to come, you will really want to re-live the moments and emotions at your wedding. Poses do not make memories. We’ve experienced it personally and through hundreds of couples over the past decade. Scripted poses are soon forgotten. Perhaps soon as the honeymoon images are in! The images our couples truly cherish are the ones where they were truly “in the moment” with family, friends or even alone in their thoughts.

From the big moments of the day – your first kiss and first dance, to the soft touch of a loved one and the happy tear in the corner of the eye, your moments of anticipation as you get ready pre-ceremony, we tell it through our truthful, honest, non-directive wedding photography and films. These images are what you and your family will look back on, in the decades and generations ahead.

We truly believe your wedding photographs are not just for you, but for the generations to come. That’s why besides honest images we also want you to have exclusive wedding books that become your family heirlooms.

We are passionate about our work. And we consider this an honour and privilege not to be taken lightly.

Let’s tell your Story – Your Way!

Now we’d like to tell your story. The way you’d like it told. As it really happens. Not a wedding photographer’s version of what it should be.

Please use the links on the right to further explore our style of wedding photography to help you decide your wedding photographer for you. If you share our passion for un-scripted, real images for your own wedding, we’d love to hear from you!

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