Candid Wedding Photography and Films

Here at Aether, candid wedding photography that results in real, honest storytelling is our passion. We truly believe there is no better way to capture a wedding than with images that are truthful to the events and people on the day. This means we are religious about not interfering with the moments as they unfold. And that results in a very relaxed style for our couples. There’s no stress from the wedding photographer, no fake smiles, no cheesy portraits and poses.
Candid wedding photography, also known by other names like documentary wedding photography or wedding photojournalism, means people at the wedding are truly camera un-aware. The wedding photographer claiming to do candid wedding photography does not interfere in the events unfolding before him/her. The word “candid” itself has this definition:
CANDID: Truthful and straightforward; frank; (of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject’s knowledge.
So candid wedding photography is unposed and uncontrived. It does not involve having your photographer dictate poses on the day, asking you to “do things” for him/her in order to make “beautiful” images. But poses can quickly go out of style as seasons and fashions change. So beware the wedding photographer, claiming to be a candid wedding photographer, who’s portfolio is mainly full of images where the people are doing things / striking poses for the photographer.
With real candid wedding photography, what you get are heirlooms that remain meaningful for years and generations to come.