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We’ve been documenting weddings for over a decade, beginning in 2005. Today, what drives us more than anything else to document weddings, are couples who truly love and understand our relaxed, unobtrusive style of photographing weddings.

Passionate about good storytelling, if you are looking to book your wedding photographer and value the philosophy behind documentary wedding photography we would like to tell your story. To enable this for a wide range of couples, we have eliminated packages altogether. There’s no traditional “quote” to be requested here. We would like you, the couple starting your family together, to set the price based on your estimation of the worth of our service to you and your wedding budget.

You may find our business philosophy somewhat off the grain in the modern age when commercial interests alone take precedence over everything else. After 10 years helping couples document one of the biggest days in their lives we find it disturbing to see this commercialism even more evident in the wedding industry. In the process, it is you the couple who is left confused and many-a-time even cheated at the end of it.

We’d like to build relationships, based on the timeless foundation of Trust and we’d like to start this right from when you are looking to book your wedding photographer.

When setting your price, you will be aware that wedding photography can be upwards of 2000 USD for single day weddings while films are upwards of 2500 USD. We are asking you to set your price based on how much you really value our work and considering your total wedding budget. Your honesty would enable us to profitably continue to tell the stories of couples who really believe in our style of documentary wedding photography to create real, honest and lasting memories.

Please also note, this is not a means for e-haggling or under-pricing nor an opportunity to reduce the value of your wedding photography or films in any way. This in a philosophy based on mutual trust and respect. We take on a limited number of weddings each year to ensure an individualised experience to each couple.

If you are looking to book your wedding photographer and would like us to tell your story in our style of documentary wedding photography and films, please use the form to tell us more about your wedding and why you’d like us to document it. Do take your time in filling in the fields and all fields are required so that we can all get on the same page. We will follow this with a meet up, either in person over coffee or drinks or over Skype video.

It’s as simple as that. Don’t you just wish the entire wedding planning were as simple?

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If you’d prefer to chat about your wedding and requirements directly, you could email us at storytellers@gmail.com or call on +91-9545652520 (Gasper)

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